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Our Mission, Team & Story

Our Mission

At Ascension Gardens, our mission is to redefine cannabis so that patients can receive the treatment they require, without any obstacles. We are an advocacy group who educate both patients and healthcare professionals on the benefits and risks associated with cannabis and cannabis-based products with an emphasis on targeting 3 key areas of personal health: pain, anxiety and sleep.

Our team of doctors, pharmacists and pharmacologists, have years of combined experience in research and clinical settings, which has allowed us to collate and provide the most cutting edge cannabis science in an easy to understand format, catering to all levels.

Our aim is to connect healthcare professionals and provide them with a support system which will aid them in their ability to safely prescribe medicinal cannabis. As more prescribers are trained and competent in this area of prescribing, more patients will have easier access to treatment they need. 

We want to change the public’s perception of cannabis which for too long has been portrayed in a negative light. Advancements in cannabis science through research has paved the way for a new relationship with this plant which is based on positive outcomes and science, which we provide to open the discussion about the potential of cannabis for use as medicine.

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Our Team

Edward is a former professional rugby player and is currently in his final year of medical school. During his studies, he noticed the only teaching provided on cannabis were the negative effects. For the past year, Edward has been studying the Pharmacology of cannabis and CBD. To further improve his knowledge, he has spent his spare time at talks hosted by Drug Science, David Nutt and other cannabis experts.

Edward is passionate about educating anyone wishing to use cannabis-based products so they are able to make informed decisions regarding their health.

Edward Milne

Co-Founder / Training & Education Director

As a qualified pharmacist, Shay has extensive experience in the community sector. His passion for healthcare and drug science led him to discover the therapeutic potential of CBD. Now his mission is to share that potential through education and promoting the safe and effective use of CBD and medicinal cannabis products. Because of his background in science, he believes that scientific facts and evidence are at the heart of the work we do at ascension gardens. Which is why as lead researcher, he ensures that any information/guidance provided is supported by the latest evidence, so that people may better understand how nature can improve their lives.

Shaylen Patel

Co-Founder / Research Lead

Mohamed’s vast experience in healthcare & oncology was one of the main reasons behind his journeying into cannabis based medicinal therapy. As a specialist, he witnessed countless chemo patients fall into a vicious cycle of adverse reactions and even more medicines. 

He believes that Cannabis could be a solution to many problems which the healthcare industry, and patients face. Through ascension gardens, Mohamed is driven to bring about innovative change into the medical sphere.

Moe Dekmak

Lead Pharmacist

Mr. Samuel Baldwin is currently undertaking a Ph.D. at St George’s hospital medical school at the vascular biology research center within the molecular and clinical sciences research institute. 

Specializing in pharmacology, Mr. Baldwin is the current research advisor at Ascension Gardens. Providing insight into navigating the exciting new domain of medicinal cannabis and CBD therapies.

Samuel Baldwin

Research Advisor

Shiv is a qualified pharmacist, who has experience in the community sector. Her specialities however, lay in drug science and research. Her work has helped collate relevant, exciting new data which has been used to form the basis of our educational material. She has a keen eye for pharmaceutical sciences and uses these expertise to understand how CBD can affect the human body.

Shivona Patel

Pharmacy Lead

Dr Andy Uhegwu is a highly qualified General Practitioner with extended roles. He has vast knowledge and experience in Medicines management, use of opiods in pain management and holistic practice. His interests in medical education, GP training, surgical practice, palliative care medicine and sports medicine; counsel and influence would be invaluable.

Dr Andy Uhegwu

Chief Medical Officer

With a degree in pharmacology, Janoo has the necessary knowledge relating to how the body reacts to medication. This skill led her to pursue a career as an operations manager for pharmaceutical companies, where her role was to oversee clinical trials for promising new drugs. This is why her expertise is invaluable in helping to deliver the most reliable evidence and research.

Janoo Patel

Research Advisor


We stand by our core values and present all material in an unbiased and professional manner


As healthcare professionals, care for our patients is at the heart of our mission to promote easier assess to medicinal cannabis


We aim to make the medicinal cannabis sector as transparent as possible to build trust in the industry

Our Story

Ed and Shay's shared interest in the sciences naturally took them both on a journey towards healthcare. Although very well educated in conventional healing methods, they both have a tendency to think outside the box and look for new ways to help improve health.


This divergent thinking guided them to an extraordinary plant and its key molecules. The more they researched, the more they became inspired by the therapeutic potential. Unfortunately due to years of misinformation, there are very few healthcare professionals equipped with the knowledge to safely prescribe cannabis-based products for medicinal use.


So they created Ascension Gardens: a healthcare company, by healthcare professionals, specialising in medicinal cannabis.

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